Dilantin toxicity treatment

Hi chad, i am also decreasing my dosage of dilantin to change back onto tegretol.

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perhaps since i am not clear why the dilantin was started, need to be cautious how to proceed.

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see dilantin toxicity fetal hydantoin syndrome drug hypersensitivity fever lymphadenopathy drug-induced agranulocytosis common chronic changes associated with phenytoin gingival hyperplasia hirsutism coarse facial features peripheral neuropathy decreased deep tendon reflex other effects hepatotoxicity stevens-johnson syndrome pancreatitis osteoporosis folic acid deficiency.

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if you experience an allergic reaction, you cannot buy dilantin for treating your condition.

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each 100 mg dilantin- 100 mg extended phenytoin sodium capsule, usp for oral administration contains 100 mg phenytoin sodium.


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