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Answer tulasi s body is spiritual.

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project highlights projects is approved by bmrda approval, and 100 as per vastu project name is called tulasi premier, it is adjacent to 150 feet road connecting from electronic city to whitefield and hoskote ring road, and 0.

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after lord hari finished the ceremony and prayers, tulasi was pleased and came out of the tree.

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sumedha took him to the shelter of a banyan tree and told him tulasi story as follows, during the churning of the ocean of milk, many valuable things have originated from the ocean, like the kalpavriksha, airawat and kamadhenu.

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the following is a portion of a letter sent by srila prabhupada , dated october 25, 1976 , which answers some important questions regarding the identity of tulasi.

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lord krishna happily resides in that house, town, or forest, where tulasi devi is present.


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